*May be spoilers, but if you’ve seen the original, you’re 100% spoiled already.


The live action, for lack of a better term, remake of Disney’s animated classic, The Lion King is honestly sort of disappointing. Not much about the story changed, though that’s not a surprise with it being a remake.

Additional Comments:

  • I really wish Disney put that ginormous budget into making something new and original, though I’d probably be disappointed in that too with how conscious they are about being politically correct these days. I digress.
  • Forgettable. That’s the best term I can come up with for this. Literally. I forgot to review the movie for like 2 weeks.
  • Still love James Earl Jones’s Mufasa. He lends a wonderful gravity to the role.
  • Scar looks anemic in this one. The guy who did his voice this round did fine, but I think I’m gonna sign up with the camp that prefers Jeremy Irons’s performance.
  • The new music inspired by the movie is excellent.
  • Certain sections are breathtakingly gorgeous. They obviously put a heck of a lot of work into the movie.
  • Perhaps it’s just the magic and mystery of childhood and the tendency for the mind to paint the past in a more favorable light, but the animated one struck me as more fun.


I think they were trying for epic scope here when what they had was classic and wonderful. The overreach didn’t live up to the hype, so a lot of people ended up disappointed. Yikes, I actually agree with the critics this round. There’s a scary thought.

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