cover from audible

Narrated by: Amy Deuchler

Run time: 8 hrs and 46 min

Genre: Amish; mild mystery; clean reads


After witnessing a crime, Lily Brandt becomes Hannah Kurtz (spelling?) and hides in an Amish community. Jacob got burned in the past by a woman who didn’t want to be Amish anymore.

Additional Comments:

  • Disclaimer: This is not a genre I generally read. That probably heavily influenced my feelings about the story.
  • The pacing is very, very, very slow. I don’t think there’s one stitch of action until 7 hours into the story. And even then, it’s very small amount of action.
  • Side characters are numerous and decently fleshed out.
  • I can’t tell you how many times Jacob’s blue eyes were mentioned. Well, above 12 times.
  • Similarly, there was an overabundance of mentions of cookies.
  • Esther is my favorite character. At least she spoke her mind.
  • The twists were super-predictable.
  • The song (well-sung) at the end was scary. I don’t think that was the intended effect.
  • The performance was okay. I played it at 2x. (I realize that the nuances of the performance may be lost at faster speeds.)


If you enjoy the genre, listen to a few minutes of the sample and give it a chance.

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