Narrated by Paul J McSorley


Bobby Trent takes on the task of investigating his father’s murder to clear the man’s good name. As the Sheriff of Lodge Pole, Bobby’s father had a great reputation until the very end when questions arose concerning a drug shipment discovered in the county.

Additional Comments:

– Bobby’s attitude is typical of a thriller star. He’s innately aligned good but willing to drink hard and play hard and take out the bad guys. In that sense, he’s a tad unrealistic. Most people’s fear of consequences have them walking more of the straight and narrow.

– The romance angle is secondary and sends up mixed signals for two different women, but that’s fine. It would lose a lot of the thriller aspects if the book focused on that side.

– There’s a fun, exotic atmosphere in the book for those used to suburban or city life rather than small town western life.

– The characters filling the world are fun and pretty well fleshed out.

– The book has a nice sense of closure. There’s clear to-be-continued vibes but at least the reader gets a feeling that this arc has been closed.

– It falls into that thriller trap of don’t get too attached to any characters, except maybe the hero boy.

– About the only tie-in to the title is the last few lines of the book.


Excellent modern day western.   

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