Warning: The discussion here will contain spoilers if you haven’t read Scratched Off. That said, if you don’t mind spoilers or don’t intend to read the book, you should totally read on. It’s a fantastic collection of music regardless (if I do say so myself).

Find the list here.

Audiobook Cover. Digital Artist – Rachel Rossano; Narrator for audio version: Rick Struve

Side note: Many of the songs on here aren’t really my first go-to for style, but I enjoyed exploring beyond my comfort zone.


Scratched Off (ebook version) features the story of an FBI agent hunting a serial killer. Typically, I try to find key points or chapters and find something that matches that mood. This time, though, I pretty much stuck with the killer and tried to go for things he would find inspiring. (What would he listen to as he prepared to wage his private war? What’s going on in his head? Is there a progression/a distinct spiral into madness?)

A Storm is Coming by Tommee Profitt and Liv Ash

The title’s pretty powerful and indicative of the whole story. In the killer, we have a man who wants to figure out the best way to take out the “human trash.”

Become the Beast by Karliene

“Embrace the darkness.” “We are the predators. The Hunters.” “Become the beast. We don’t have to hide.” Not quite a literal fit, but a nice metaphorical one for the killer’s logic.

Raise Hell by Dorothy and Born Ready by Zayde Wolf

I feel like Raise Hell captures the killer’s attitude pretty well. He knows he’s going to cause all manner of chaos. He’s prepared to walk the dark side to bring his own brand of justice to evil doers.

Born Ready is a pretty late addition to the list. Sounds like something he’d use to psych himself up. “I am the unknown fighter.” “I’m gonna push up higher.” “I’m gonna do what I do.” “I’m made of stone. I won’t break.”

Light That Fire by Oh the Larceny

Another song I feel the killer would keep on a personal motivation list. It’s also a good cheerleader type song to encourage one to keep on going.

Who’s at the Door by Unsecret, featuring Sam Tinnesz

This is probably the first song, besides the first, that is really about the mood of the book from the victims’ point of view. It’s also suitably creepy. Play around Halloween.

Wicked Games by The Hot Damns

I like the rhythm of this song. Probably the type of thing the killer thinks about the world. Why the world needs cleansing so to speak.

Wild Thing by Jaxson Gamble

“We descend into the madness. Like a wild thing. Rabid.”Another rallying cry for our killer.

Check it Out by Oh The Larceny

This would be something the killer would want to share with his muse. He has a person he thinks is perfect. He really wants to protect her. This song would appeal to his sense of purpose.

Rule Breaker by Gothic Storm

Don’t think there are any lyrics to this one. But the song captures the mission the killer’s set for himself. Also, from the flip side, it’s a good song to capture the rivalry and high stakes of the game between the FBI agent and the killer.

Vagabond by Tommee Profitt featuring FJORA

The fit here is twofold. I can see him thinking this as he eyes one of his victims. There’s a whole chapter where he kind of rails against a society that lets a woman stay homeless. In a way, this also applies to him. “Can’t put down roots cause they won’t last long … Everything here will all be gone.”

Watch Me by The Phantoms

He’s crying out for attention. He’s getting arrogant.

Incendiary by Tommee Profitt

There’s a dark, dangerous quality to this theme. The killer deepens his game. The agent closes in on a breakthrough.

Thoughtful by MHBH

Wasn’t totally sure about including this. It’s kind of a brain break. One of those that would be played in a montage of the agent and the killer each carefully planning their next steps.

Wolves by Sam Tinnesz, featuring Silverberg

The killer still declaring he’s dangerous.

Can’t Stop Me Now by Oh The Larceny

Pretty straightforward. A challenge.

Big Bad Wolf by Roses and Revolutions

For the second victim, the prostitute (Haley Doherty) or for one of the later victims who he takes out from afar.

Let You Down (piano version) by Tommee Profitt

You’ll probably think I’m obsessed with only like 3 artists, and you’re probably right. This is yet another nice interlude kind of piece. It can also be a theme for Melissa Novak and the budding relationship between her and the FBI agent. Mel’s definitely a side character, but a meaningful one to the main characters.

Man on a Mission by Oh The Larceny

“I’m never gonna ever stop. I won’t wait another minute. I’m a man on a mission. I don’t need no permission.” “If you’re standing in my way. It ain’t gonna be your day.” As things get hard, I can see the killer clinging to this kind of logic to bolster his courage.

Wicked Ones by Dorothy

“This not for the faint of heart. Cause the faint of heart gonna fall apart.” Another song that captures the spirit of what the killer wants to accomplish. Also, something to sort of key in on this mental decline.

No Escape: Genesis (instrumental) by Tommee Profitt

Good for when things come to a head.

Man or a Monster by Sam Tinnesz, features Zayde Wolf

The ultimate question for our killer. He’s done some crazy wicked things, but does it make him a monster? Who is he? Is his humanity gone?

Unstoppable by the Score

A nice theme for the good guys. Also, if it was a movie, a nice place to start the credits.

Gambling with Fate (Instrumental) by Tommee Profitt

If this were a movie, I imagine this would be middle/end credits.


Of course, I’d love for you to read my book, but I know it’s not going to be for everyone. Still, listen to the playlist. You might find a new artist to love. They’re all super talented.

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