I only write clean fiction. That was a personal choice when I started writing that came about because that’s what I grew up with.

Personal Definition of Clean:

In reviewing a lot of books for the Audiobook Edge list, I’ve had to develop a definition of “clean.” I’m aware my definition is much looser than many others because I’m trying to cater to a wider adult audience. I typically stop listening after 4 f-bombs. Even if I continue, it’d be off my “clean” list. Curse words in general are only occasional. Adult scenes aren’t described in any sort of detail.

I just finished a book, and honestly, it would have been better without the curse words. They didn’t add much. The problem in general is that people use cursing so casually, it loses all shock value and just becomes filler.

People curse in real life, so why avoid it in books?

It’s a simple concept of in and out. I may mention that a character curses, but I see no reason to include the actual curse word. Same for violence. Hard things befall my characters for sure, but the reader does not need to have disturbing images blazed onto their brains. You will internalize what you see. I want my stories to take people on grand adventures, not traumatize them.

Why are clean fiction reads important for children and young adults?

There are plenty of books out there in the world. Clean reads allow you to focus on the action and the characters without drowning in a sea of hard language or reading gory scenes that stick with you. Life’s got enough problems without adding a layer of brutality and hard edges to fictional adventures.

Awful things happen in the real world, why shy away from describing things?

There’s a very big difference between reading that a character lost their head and reading a point-by-point description of how that came to be. Nobody needs that mental image in their heads.

Enjoy being a kid

Kids have a lot to deal with. Stories have many functions. They bring people together. They teach us. They entertain us. Clean reads opens the way for people of several age groups to enjoy the same tale.

Focus on the characters

Some characters have special gifts, some don’t. A lot of my books feature people put in challenging situations. I want readers to focus on the characters and their actions, not their language unless that’s relevant.

I write my adult books without strong language or describing adult scenes. It can be done at all levels of fiction.  

Learn to express yourself without resorting to strong language.

Sure, cursing is a way of expressing dismay or trying to sound cool, but children and young adults are still developing and discovering themselves. I’d rather let them learn how to express their feelings without curse words.

Some people, like me, grow up in homes where strong language is a rarity. This is good. There are so many words in the English language. There’s always a way to describe a situation tastefully or with just a few details.

Things you see and watch will shape the way you think and behave.

Have you ever been around somebody with a very strong accent, and then, unconsciously started slipping into that accent? The same concept holds true with things you read, listen to, and watch. Where possible, fill your mind with edifying things.


I’m not saying every story has to have a happy, uplifting, sickeningly sweet ending, but stick to clean reads and get the most out of a story.



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