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When a heist goes terribly wrong, the entire crew perishes. To make matters worse, the bad guys want their money back and demand that the crew chief’s wife make good on the 2 million dollar debt.


Additional Comments:

– Cast 5/5: Pretty star-studded. They all do their jobs well.

Viola Davis plays Veronica Rawlins, Elizabeth Debicki plays Alice, and Michelle Rodriguez plays Linda. Daniel Kaluuya (Jatemme) doesn’t even have to change his expression much to come across as a seriously scary dude. Collin Farrell (plays Jack Mulligan) pulls off a decent version of a creepy politician.

– Story 3.5/5: The straightforward plot is complicated by going down several nonsensical rabbit trails. There’s one part where one of the widows nearly has a breakdown in the home of a complete stranger (quite logical) and ends up in a very deep, very passionate kiss with the guy (not logical).

– Content Warnings: Lots of adult content, including strong language and seeing more of the actors than you probably want to if you’re used to squeaky clean content.

– These aren’t professional criminals, though they had all apparently married ones. The crime they intend to take on is a simple in and out thing.

– To think about: There aren’t any truly innocent/good characters in here, but the audience is certainly meant to root for the ladies.

– There’s a lot of backstory, including more into the relationship between the Rawlins. While that eats up time, most of the backstory is relevant to the big twist.

– The big twist: Predictable yet satisfying.

– Annoyingness: Must every movie now start with an incompetent “Thank you for watching this movie” thing?



If you’re okay with adult content, this is an interesting heist movie.

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