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Spoilers ahead…


Starts off pretty epic with Arya getting her revenge on the Frays. I like her more each season. Some of the training stuff got tedious but I suppose such a long, drawn out training would be necessary to make her a formidable fighter instead of a kid. She’s still a kid, just scary now. Seems one has to be scary to live around here.

Additional Comments:

– Sansa is ticking me off so far this season. That’s not unusual for her, but I have high hopes for her later.

– You get to see some shreds of decency from Legain.  Sorry about spelling, never read the books. And there are too many names around here.

– Dany’s homecoming is solemn and significant.

– Lots of shifts in alliances. Civil war for the iron islands.

– Jon Snow finally meets Dany. That’s probably going to be significant later.

– The red woman admits her mistakes. She has a strange conversation with Spider in the 3rd episode.

– Dany has a heck of a list of titles. Takes like 2 minutes to run through it

– Conversation with Dany includes a lot of posturing. But she does admit that her father was a madman. Jon tries to convince Dany of the Northern threat.

– Dany’s faith is in herself. Her allies are mostly captured. Though that is an improvement over the dead I thought them.

  • Euron Greyjoy gets a promotion.

– Cersi gets her revenge. Though at this point, don’t remember upon whom. Probably the Tyrells.

– Tyrion and Jon have a heart to heart.

– Jon and Dany’s second meeting is cool.

– Littlefinger is still being manipulative… big surprise. Somebody please kill him.

– Sansa gets a happy reunion. Bran says he can’t be lord of wintefell. He is the three eyed raven.

– Jorah gets his miracle thanks to Sam.

– Lannister army is on the move

– Olena has a heart to heart with Jaime. She kind of has the last word.

– Sam’s kin are Lannister lackeys. Shocking. No, not really. Sad though.

– Arya finds home not quite what it seems. She gets to meet Sansa. Interesting mtg. She also gets to see Bran. He’s still weird. But he gives her a gift I think will be significant later. Ep 4 largely calm compared to others.

– Jon gets to use ancient pictures to tell Dany a story. She promises to help if he bends the knee.

– Ayra is quite the swords woman now.

– Whole season should be called reunions. Jon meets Theon.

– Dany takes to the field. The battle is awesome… though they worked very hard to make sure all the key people survive for once.

– Dany has a fine speech… but the dragon roar fixes most of that. Dickson and Tandall get a lovely sendoff.

– Jon gets to pet a dragon.

– Gendry is back in the game.

– Ep 6 Arya confronts Sansa about the really old letter. Jon and the rest are hunting dead… kind of boring if u ask me into they get into a tight spot

– fire swords. Yay.

– Dany has an interesting conversation with Tyrion.

– can somebody please kill Littlefinger. Pretty please?

– And Sansa being stupid. Again. Oh, there’s a big surprise.

– Dany snow outfit is awesome. Jon gets stupid again. Sad.

– Arya proves she is a very scary person.


Episode 7 has quite the parlay. Short season. Dany’s entrance is stylish . Truce? Intriguing. End awesome. Finally!!!!  Cersi is well, herself. Jaime at least has honor. The whole winter is here thing finally makes sense.

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