A girl gets visions of the future and finds herself at the center of dangerous political games.

Additional Comments:

  • No ending. The end is more like the end of Act 1. Large portions of the story are therefore unresolved. Some people love things that are part of a larger story. I like that too, but I like there to be a complete closure to one story arc.
  • Characters are okay. Maea’s powers are cool. She can see other people’s dreams. I love the concept.
  • I loved Princess Sabine. Her guard was kind of a stick figure until the end of the story. I like that he gained more depth later.
  • The plot kind of meandered. There’s a lot of political intrigue going on. The beginning didn’t make much sense. Johai and the lady stole her memories? Why?
  • The thing with the handsome prince didn’t seem to make much sense either. One second she’s appalled by his casual sex with a lady during a party. And the next she’s inextricably attracted to him.
  • The end twist was decently handled.
  • The cover’s gorgeous, but the woman looks way older than the main character.
  • Narration was good. I like Anna Castiglioni’s voice.


The beginning of a much longer tale that doesn’t really hold up on its own, but if you’re willing to read the whole trilogy, it offers a lot of magic and political intrigue.

The e-book is a free download. Go for it.



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