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Definite spoilers ahead! Since I’m probably the last person on Earth who hasn’t seen the show …. probably not a problem.


The saga continues. The Lannisters stand mostly in control of Westros. Theon’s a hostage and plaything for Ramsey Bolton. Stannis is still listening to whispers from Melisandre. Cersi’s becoming more suspicious…if that’s possible. The Tyrells and Lannisters are playing nice with each other, sort of, well, at least on the surface.

Additional Comments:

– We’ve added cannabalism to the list of distasteful things that happen here.

– You finally get to see what happens to all those poor baby boys Crasta has been leaving in the woods.

– Flaying becomes a thing. That’s just nasty.

– Dany’s still liberating slaves in the East, but every time she leaves a city, something bad happens. She’s faced with a tough choice.

– The story has become predictable yet still nicely complicated. For example Liza’s fate. And Tyrion’s champion and subsequent fate.

– The night’s watch portion was a tad boring. They dragged on the “hey, danger is coming” thing the entire season. Episode 9 all that waiting finally pays off. It’s a great fight, a tad predictable though.

– Episode 10: I like the game of thrones take on dragons. They are still wild beasts, dangerous. Dany’s conflict is simple yet powerful.

– As usual, the show isn’t afraid to bump off characters.

– I like how complicated the characters can be. Arya and the Hound.

– I totally missed Elia being Oberyn’s sister. Heck, I barely knew her name. Too many people.

– Usual HBO stuffs… viewer discretion advised. Strong language, lots of sleeping around, bloody deaths.


This season too ends on violence and a bit of a high note. A lot of the story is just the viewer waiting for the next nasty person to get what’s coming to them.


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