Yet another look at the ugly chair everybody in Westros is scheming to warm with their behind. I do not own the rights to the pic.

*Contains spoilers*


The story continues with Dany growing up and forging her way through dangers and deserts. North of the Wall, Jon Show has doubts about his vows but continues to do his duty, seeing a whole new, harsher side of life. In the seven kingdoms of Westros, there’s a heated war on for the throne. Renly Baratheon (sorry about spelling, never did read those character profiles on the bluray extras) squares off with his older brother. Catelyn Stark tries to get them to see reason. When that fails, she returns to her son’s camp and makes a tough decision. Stannus Baratheon deals with his brother, steals his army, and sails for King’s Landing.

Additional Comments:

– I enjoyed the fact that one episode featured the Battle for Blackwater Bay (or something like that) … Stannus’s attempt to deal with Joffrey.
– I shocked myself by actually hoping Cersi would survive. Lady’s a serious conniver. She had some nice speeches for young Sansa Stark.
– The ends a little anticlimatic, just a promise that the White Walkers are on the move and coming to take over the world. It’s anticlimatic because that same threat’s been floated all season long.
– I’m glad I saw it, but I don’t think it’ll go down as my favorite season of all time.
– Content Warnings: They don’t slap that TV-MA up for no good reason. Same shenanigans as before with seeing way more of the characters than we probably ought to. Strong language. HBO-esque stuff.


With Game of Thrones, never get too attached to any of the characters.


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