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*mild spoilers possible in discussion


I had no expectations going into the movie, except that if Tim Burton directed it, you’re bound to be in for some brand of weird.

Additional Comments:

  • I never read the books, so I can’t compare how that story lines up/lives up to this one.
  • Casting department did a nice job. Eva Green as Miss Peregrine pulled off austere yet caring very well. The kid who played Jake Portman pulled off average Joe look very well too.
  • Characters 4/5: There are a heck of a lot of characters here. Jake and Emma are fairly quickly singled out as the would-be love interests. Miss Peregrine explains she’s an em-something or other lady who can control time. Their powers are kind of ordinary for Gifts, but it still works very well. Don’t remember all their names but there’s an adorable little girl who has super strength. (That led to some great moments like her picking up the twins and holding them up so they can see.) Fiona can make things grow. Enoch can control inanimate objects as long as they have a little creepy heart he puts in them. Emma can fly. There are a few others, but I forget their powers
  • Plot 3/5: I enjoyed the sections seeing the parts of their daily life and meeting the Peculiars.
  • Pacing 2/5: They could definitely have cut like 20 minutes and been fine. The beginning part crawled. Once he actually got to the home, things moved along better.
  • For kids? Content warnings: Not sure who the movie was aimed at. Seems like a kid movie, but the thing with the eyes was kind of nasty. I get it, they’re monsters, but still, that’s just gross.
  • Favorite part: When the bad guy brings Jake to the home and Miss Peregrine agrees to go with him. The part where she shushes the bad guy like 3 times was hilarious. I enjoyed the fact that it was a powerful moment but they put some humor into it.
  • Comparatives: It’s most similar to Percy Jackson in terms of monster fighting. A wee bit of Harry Potter school/ routine influence.

Time travel aspect:

  • I’ve very rarely seen time travel stories that work. This is one of those rare explanations that I buy the explanation.


I enjoyed it. Don’t think it’ll ever be in my top 10 must see movies ever, but I’m glad I took the time to watch it.

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