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The Krillonian Chronicles Book 3

Narrated by Joseph Baltz

Run Time: 11 hrs and 11 mins

Genre: Dystopian, Adventure, Drama, Young Adult

Note: Discussion will contain spoilers for previous entries in the series. Highly recommended that you start with book one.


Bensin struggles to get a job and use his newfound freedom well.

Meanwhile, Steene deals with life as a green slave (someone not born to it). He’s given to a thirteen-year-old young man with an interest in martial arts.

Additional Comments:

  • I don’t often give out 5 stars, but this is an exceptional series.
  • Part of the middle of this story dragged, but the end wrapped up nicely on several fronts.
  • Raymond probably has the strongest character development arc.
  • I love how the story focuses on family dynamics as well as working within the dystopian system created. There’s bravery and honor and such, but it’s not a let’s-fix-the-empire book.
  • If you want to look deeper at themes on slavery, good vs. evil, money not fixing problems, and so forth, you can find it.
  • The main characters aren’t perfect, but they’re learning and adapting and all the more realistic for their flaws.
  • There are two separate storylines for 98% of the book. That’s interesting to track, but there was decent page balance between the two.
  • It’s a little hard to pin down the genre. It’s basically an alternate world where slavery is an accepted way of life. Collars (slaves) have some rights but are basically property. But this isn’t set in history. It’s a world with email and jet planes and motorboats and martial arts tournaments. Dystopian is as close as I can come, though most of those are about changing the messed up world, not preserving one family.
  • The writing’s very strong.
  • The performance is also very strong. Ellie’s letters were endearing.
  • The end’s a tad convenient, but it fits so well I don’t even care about the coincidences.


I’m surprised the series isn’t more popular. The books are long with some meandering but highly satisfying overall. Grab the trilogy and dig in.

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