Narrated by Curt Bonnem
*Mild spoilers possible in the discussion*


Ben Peters is called upon to undertake two big missions at once, escort a woman and her son out of France and smuggle the French supply of platinum away from Germany’s grubby hands. WWII is about to sweep over Paris and down the French countryside. Peters, Elena, Freddy, and the platinum keep barely a step ahead of destruction.

Additional Comments:

– Narration 4/5: A work like this demands a fair number of accents. The performance was overall very strong. Occasionally, it was difficult to distinguish French and German, but that didn’t happen often and didn’t really detract from enjoyment of the story.
– Characters 3/5: For the most part, they’re either likable or pure evil. Seems like the easiest way to portray somebody as evil here was to turn him into a torturer or a rapist. While I’m sure both were rampant during WWII, characterization probably would have benefitted from being a tad subtler.
– Plot 3.5/5: The initial premise – get the woman, her son, and the platinum out of France – was intriguing. Several storylines are interwoven well, but good guys and bad guys blur a bit. There are several down to the second coincidences that are hard to believe, but understandable in a thriller of this nature. There’s also one section at the end of the book that’s like 5 minutes of straight info dumping in case you missed something up to that point.
– Pacing 2.5/5: The actual execution of that plot floundered.
– Ending 2.5/5: The MC pulls through as expected for book 1 of a series, but the other part of the ending was highly contrived. The shocking secret alluded to all book was kind of anti-climatic.
– Content Warnings: Along with a smattering of normal curse words, there are 4 f-bombs and 1-2 very short but explicit adult scenes.


If you’re suspension of disbelief is good, and you enjoy chase sort of thrillers, you’ll probably enjoy this.

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