This is most definitely a period piece


Mary Davenport deals with the death of her father and a slew of intrigue within her own house.


Additional Comments:

– The dialogue is very, very, very formal. That comes across as stiff. I experienced the audiobook, so it didn’t bother me as much. But hearing it might actually turn some people off more.

– The plot’s decent.

– The saga vaguely reminds me of Downton Abbey.

– Some characters really came across as annoying. They’re either pure evil (selfish manipulative louses or drunken, useless heaps of humanity, etc) or pure good (selfless, kind, compassionate people walking around with an unseen halo over their heads). I think the most neutral one was the jealous servant.

– End twist was cool. Unrealistic but cool.

– Content warnings: none

– It never comes up how the Davenports are rich. What kind of business does Mr. Davenport do?

– Mary is a character one can root for.



If historical fiction is your thing, this is a decent series to start.

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