Narrated by Amy Otteson

Run Time: 8 hrs 41 minutes


Shepherd’s daughter, who goes by Thorn, is the prime suspect in her boss’s murder. It’s up to Peg to keep the troubled teen safe and find the real killer before the shady detective in charge pins the murder on her out of convenience.

Additional Comments:

  • You could experience these books in any order, but they are a tad more satisfying together.
  • The performance is decent. You can tell males from females, though not everybody has a distinct voice. Be aware of that if it’s important to you.
  • The cast is mostly same as the other Pegasus Quincy books. This being the 5th book, you don’t learn many new tidbits about the leading lady, but the lovable dog, Reckless, has slightly more page time.
  • These are relatively clean mysteries. You may find a curse word here and there, but nothing that would make me give a particular warning about. Same for violence. There’s very close to none, which is a tad strange in a mystery/suspense book. Still, it works with the whole small-town vibe.
  • The twists and turns in the plot aren’t Earth-shaking, but they keep things lively. They also give a sense of realism to the books. Sometimes, life throws curveballs and elk.
  • Thorn’s kind of a brat, but she didn’t annoy me as much as the side characters in the 4th book in this series. Ben kinda annoyed me this round, but I think he’s designed that way. It’s part of his charm.


Peg Quincy won’t ever go down as the world’s smartest, fastest, or hottest detective. Still, she’s honest-ish, hard-working, and a good lady to have on your side in a pinch. Check out all her earlier adventures too.

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