What’s an “Audiobook Paperback Giveaway”?

It’s a giveaway of paperback books that have been made-or soon will be made-into audiobooks. The original intent was to be just books featured on Audiobook Edge, but I’m not sure I’ll have enough that way. So, I’m opening it up to any audiobook with a tasteful cover.

Fine Print: It also can’t be hard core horror or erotica. Audiobook Edge is aimed at clean mystery, thriller, scifi, and fantasy, but I’m willing to expand to most genres. (Tasteful romance, historical fiction, YA, children’s, etc. are all welcome. When in doubt, ask first.)

What I intend to do:

I’ll make up prize boxes containing 5-10 books in a similar genre. I.e. mystery/thriller/adventure; scifi/fantasy/paranormal; YA; MG/children’s; romance; clean romance

I’ll set up a Kingsumo giveaway for all the featured boxes. The number of boxes there are will determine the # of winners.

Purpose: To celebrate paperbacks that are also audiobooks.

To advertise Audiobook Edge.

Great, but how do I get in on this?


– Mail 1-3 paperback books (can be 1 title or multiple) per author. Books must be received by August 7, 2017. (P.O. Box is in New Jersey, USA.)

– You may include a personal note to the winner.

– Each book can have a bookmark or postcard.

– You may include up to 10 bookmarks or business cards for inclusion in other boxes/prize packs.

– Fill out Google form. (I must know genre and weight to make up the prize boxes properly. It’s to your benefit to be in a box that goes to a person who wants that genre.) https://goo.gl/forms/2vgEwey51ExnlNEK2

– Send suggested entry fee $3-5 (as a friend! Paypal info in Google form) to cover mailing costs and prizes.

– You’ll need to give me your email address and promise to help promote the giveaway.

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