Need something to occupy kids?


Simple toy to keep your hands busy. (I’ve come to hate fidget spinners. This is a nice, relatively quiet alternative.)

Additional Comments:

– These are probably going to seem expensive if you really only want one, but they’re the sort of thing that it’s nice to have a color variety.
– The packaging is simple yet nice. I like how they come individually wrapped as well as in the box.
– I probably won’t use the carrying case much, but they might make a good alternative to those infernal spinner things.
– You might want to be cautious about giving them to a small child. I think it’s too big to swallow but they have a bit of heft to them, which could be bad in the hands of an enthusiastic toddler who tends to throw things.
– They’re quiet as long as you’re not banging them on something, including each other.


Interesting way to keep one’s hands busy so the mind can process. Or if you’re bored. Or if you just like having something to do with your hands.

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