Narrated by Anneliese Rennie

Run Time: 7 hrs and 27 mins


A college freshman gets the crap beaten out of her. While she convalesces in the hospital, her friend gets her a VR headset that allows her to enter a game world where she can speak for the first time in her life.

Additional Comments:

  • This is one of my first encounters with this genre. Overall, I like what I see/hear.
  • Candence’s troubles aren’t terribly realistic. Mute, yes, but not being able to learn sign language, no, at least not in the absence of other cognitive issues.
  • Her college professor’s gross overreaction isn’t very realistic either. I get that profs can be stuck in their ways and pull some power-trippy stuff, but the way this lady reacted to her being late borders on will-get-you-and-the-college slapped with a lawsuit so fast your head’ll spin.
  • A few things happen conveniently for the plot, like the MC losing her phone at just the right time.
  • The guys who beat her up aren’t terribly realistic either. Harassment, yes. Verbal abuse, yes. But beat her up then leave her alive, no. Cruel people exist, but powerful people like that find ways for their crimes to be covered. This just seems amateurish to the max.
  • The book is clearly angling for a sequel.
  • The leveling up stats and such seemed random and arbitrary.
  • The MC goes from knowing zip about games to expert way too quickly. It would be more realistic if she was a casual gamer in her distant past so had some familiarity with the process.
  • All these nits (and a few others) aside, the story was still fun overall.  


If you’re looking for a relatively clean litRPG story, this is a nice starting point.

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