Cover from Audible

Narrated by Kathleen Li

Genre: Nonfiction

Run Time: 1 hr 1 min

Disclaimer: Despite being a high school teacher, I’m not the target audience for this book. For adults, that would fall more under the purview of the guidance department.


The title covers the premise pretty well, which is typical for a nonfiction title.

Additional Comments:

  • One could probably learn just as much about getting into Harvard reading the blog post the author references several times.
  • The narrator delivers the book well.
  • The book includes a few good points like the fact that Harvard and other Ivy League schools aren’t looking for straight A’s and dabbling at an instrument, they often look for passion. If you love playing your instrument so much that you start composing pieces by the time you’re fourteen, then you’ll successfully pique their interest. That said, they also love a good sob story or a triumph over hardship story. That kind of stuff you can’t make up, but some people naturally have a better “in” than others.
  • The author also mentions there are still those that can get in due to family connections. She kind of glosses over the point, which is fine as that’s not really her target audience either. Those people don’t need a primer on getting in the door.
  • I liked her thoughts on thinking nontraditionally. She had a different term for it, something from Elon Musk. Modular thinking? Something like that. Schools in general are trying to get students to think for themselves.


Not quite sure there’s much in here that couldn’t be gleaned from a few solid google searches, but that could be said for many nonfiction titles. It’s sometimes nice to have all that information tucked away in one place. Audiobooks are a convenient way of taking in information. I can sort of see the audiobook being attractive to a certain set of high school students.

*I received a free copy from the author or narrator. I’ve chosen to review. These are my honest thoughts.

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