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Sam McRae’s a lawyer with an interesting caseload and some highly uncooperative clients.

Additional Comments:

  • Main Character 4/5 Stars: I like Sam. She’s a dogged realist who just wants to do the best she can for her clients, whether they act like they want her help or not. She’s also a certifiable trouble magnet, and that’s endearing. She’s more PI than lawyer, but it’s a fun combo anyway. Think Stephanie Plum with less guy problems and better luck with cars.
  • Side characters 3.5/5 Stars: I like Diesel. He’s uncomplicated. Most of Sam’s clients are shady creepers. A few have some redeemable qualities, but the majority have a punchable air about them.
  • Plot 3.5/5 Stars: The action surrounding Sam was fun. The actual cases were sad in many instances. I guess I’m just more of a happy ending, everything gets a bow kinda girl. The outcomes for many characters did strike a few realistic chords.
  • Content Warnings: Quite a bit of cursing and violence. Some disturbing adult-ish content. Most of the cursing fit the moment.


If you can handle hard language, some violence, and a discussion on adult content, the Sam McRae’s the sort of character you’ll enjoy getting to know.

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