Narrated by Kerin McCurdy


A sad, simplistic attempt to offer answers for those with anxiety to deal with it.

Additional Comments:

  • Disclaimer: I do not have anxiety. I was asked to review this, and I was curious because one of my friends has anxiety. Most of the comments will be hers.
  • Second Disclaimer: My opinion on the book and the narrator are independent of each other. The narrator did a fine job. The book was useless.
  • This might help if one is just developing anxiety and wants a list of methods to deal/cope. (Me: Google or a decent doctor could provide you with the same for free.)
  • The methods (spoilers ahead): Working out, grounding, and yoga are time intensive. Not everybody’s life is conducive to such things. Grounding (there are multiple methods, this author mentions coins, but there are others) might work, but reminding yourself that you’re safe doesn’t really. That’s sort of the definition of anxiety – you irrationally think you’re gonna die even though you know you’re completely safe.
  • My friend thought the author may not be somebody with anxiety because he starts out with a list of things that cause anxiety that could be taken as a blatant “this is your fault.” That’s intimidating and could lead to more anxiety. (From the outsider point of view, I actually liked this part. That was probably the only part of the book I thought was interesting.)
  • Coin grounding could actually trigger other phobias (like an obsessive need to clean one’s hands from the dirty coins.)
  • If you don’t have anxiety, the book will likely just tick you off.
  • Calling your friends or family could lead to more issues with social anxiety. (You’d then be worried you’re ticking them off.)


If you’ve recently developed anxiety and want a curated list, this might suffice. Otherwise, it really offers nothing new.

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