Narrated by Leonor A. Woodworth

3 performance

2.45 story


Jordan Russell left her husband and the FBI career to become chief of police of her hometown.

Additional Comments:

  • This deviates very slightly from the formula for most Christian suspense books. This time around there’s a married couple whose relationships is on the rocks. Expect some mention of sex once they both come to their senses. Still fits the clean category though so it’s all fade to black or talk about in passing.
  • I don’t buy that the husband didn’t know where she was until the cousin said something. He works for the FBI. She left the FBI. If she up and disappeared, there would be a very thorough search.
  • If you have very high suspension of disbelief, you may enjoy this more than I did.
  • It’s about 4 hours too long to be interesting.
  • Story’s kind of forgettable. That could legit be that the author write very similar stories. Tragic past. Check. Troubled present. Check. Bad guy obsessed with her. Check. Handsome dude trying to win her back. Check.
  • I read it a few weeks ago and had to think hard to recall the character.
  • For as hyped up as this lady was, I fully expected her not to become the damsel in distress.
  • Exciting section was kinda cool, but it took a LOT of visit here and visit there and pitch a fit in between to get there.
  • They’re clean. The Christian parts are probably a tad heavy handed for most people, but it doesn’t hide that part. It’s probably filed under Christian fiction.


The author’s worth trying, but I’m not sure this would be my first recommendation if you’ve never tried her before. (I think the one about the psychic artist was better.)

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