The explanations here contain some spoilers if you have not read the Reshner Series.


Instead of creating a list for each individual story, I decided to try for key moments throughout the series as a whole.

It’s Got my Name on it by Tommee Profitt and Sarah Reeves

The song’s probably about a competition crown and fighting hard to get it, but I love to think of it as Mavis Altran’s theme song. Most of the plotpoints in the trilogy get driven by her ambition for the crown.

Goldie’s Goldie by The Sidh, Colin Goldie

Fast-paced, light-hearted, and fun, this song is great for kicking off the Kireshana, the royal guard training exercise where the candidates basically tour a large section of the northern continent.

Drama Refinement by Leo Moody

I very rarely get flow right, but coming from Goldie’s Goldie, this song works out pretty well. It covers the switch to “things get dangerous” nicely. The prince gets ambushed.

The Legend of Lya by Philter

Prince Terosh meets Reia, the Ranger sent to shadow him and make sure he stays safe on the journey. They decide to travel together.

Dragonflies by Svrcina

The very beginnings of a forbidden romance.

Incendiary (Instrumental) by Tommee Profitt

A continuation of the dangers that can be encountered during the journey. Hidden dangers from people conspiring against the crown.

Tiger Battle by Steven Price

Second korver attack (A korver is sort of like a wolf.) More danger from unseen sources.

War of Hearts by Ruelle

The prince and the Ranger acknowledge that they love each other but it’s very complicated.

Homecoming by Thomas Bergersen

Prince Terosh finishes his renewing fire journey and returns to the palace.

The Prophecy by Tony Anderson and Aubrey Prunty

Reia gets drawn into a trap ultimately meant to draw out the prince.

Magic of Love by Thomas Bergersen

When things settle down for a second, the two lovers realize that what they have is worth the risks.

Windchimes by Michael Logozar

A nice, peaceful theme for the hopeful beginning of a new era. If there was an end of book one, this would be it.

Guardians at the Gate by Audiomachine

Book two starts off fairly calm, but things quickly turn dangerous. Threats loom large.

Requiem for a Tower

There’s a moment in the second book where the main character enters a friendly duel with his cousin, but things go terribly wrong. This song was probably meant for the siege of a castle, but it works for spiritual and emotional warfare as well.

The Other Side by Ruelle

A song of longing and fear of loss perfectly encompasses the mindset of the queen facing the possibility of ruling alone if her husband dies after the dueling accident.

Breaking Through by London Music Works

I think this song fits just before Reia attempts to heal her husband from his arena wounds.

Miracles by Two Steps from Hell, Thomas Bergersen

A good song to cover the wait time for the healing to take place. Sometimes, the miracles take place over time and take plenty of patience.

Chrono Cross – “Scars of Time” performed by Video Games Live

Wind instruments are good in representing the world as a whole. Reshner in the world language means “restful place.” Midway through things switch over to more exciting and dangerous, which also happens in this sort of really long adventure story.

Bird Song – Femke Remix by Through Juniper Vale

The song doesn’t quite ring true for the whole series, but if it was a movie, this would be the perfect second song of the credits.

“…when our hearts beat slow together”

Redemption by Zach Hemsey

The title doesn’t quite line up, but the soft, contemplative theme is great for wrapping up an epic saga.

Victory by Two Steps from Hell

If credits had to stretch quite a bit, then this one fits for the end. It also fits for the end of the third book’s events.


This one has a lot more instrumental music than the other two lists for modern stories. I think instrumental music is more suited for science fiction and fantasy as a genre. Hope you find something to love on here.

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Ashlynn’s Dreams Shorts – a kid deals with her parents’ divorce, bullies, and the wonder of discovery.

Try The Dark Side of Science – Genetically altered kids fight for the right to live.


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