Don’t own the pic. It’s a bit dreary, but fits the show well enough.


Definite spoilers ahead


This season might feature Cersi’s stupider moments. But she comes to regret it. Dany’s in the midst of a revolution/rebellion. Gaining a throne is so much easier than maintaining it. Jaime’s on a rescue mission.

Additional Comments:

– Dany has a disagreement with her dragons. Balancing power and people and ideals is harder than it looks.

– Burning people is a thing. Sad. The move becomes key for Stannis’s downfall.

– The characters are nicely complex… there are moments of grandeur and horror.

– Arya’s part is mysterious and creepy.

– They sure burn a heck of a lot of candles

– I like Sam Tarly. He’s not a swashbuckling hero but he’s a good, decent man

– I like that we get to see the mother in Cersi.

– Cersi vs Marjorie is coming to a head

– Arya’s training is pretty awesome

– Right kind of terrible… nice

– Tyrion and Dany … interesting relationship

– And here I thought they forgot a disgusting thing… nope, child abuse and child sacrifice both present. Gladiator combat too.


Poor Princess Mycella; poor Jon; poor Dany. Season had rather grim endings.

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