3/5 Just Like Down Home by Dale Stubbart

Narrated by Duncan Cassidy

Length 30 minutes


Strange little fantasy story about an English gentleman named Joel September who doesn’t particularly like his job but things are about to change for him.

Additional Comments:

  • The blurb pretty much tells the whole story, though I could have sworn the man’s name was Joe in the book I heard.
  • Not really sure I know what Joel’s day job is exactly. His night job was a tad better described.
  • Nice cover. Very soothing.


Conclusion: Strange short story.


2.5/5 Spend a Year on the Farm by Baby Professor

Narrated by Duncan Cassidy

Length 5 minutes


A brief glance at what happens on farms.

Additional Comments:

  • Pretty sure the Wikipedia page for farms has more substance and actual information than this book.
  • Perhaps this book makes more sense as a picture book.
  • I don’t think it even mentions what can be grown or raised on a farm.
  • The narrator has a very unique style of reading that suits the book. Lots of ebb and flow to the phrasing.
  • I’m fairly certain I’m not in the target audience for the book, but then again, I’m not sure who is. Kids that young probably don’t care about a straight up audio because it lacks the visual piece.


Not my cup of tea, but it’s totally kid safe.


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