The Light: Tales from a Revolution New Jersey by Lars D. H. Hedbor


Robert, a Quaker and a blacksmith, tries to balance his beliefs and the uncertainties of the budding war.

Additional Comments:

  • Characters 4.5/5 – The good guys are good, the bad guys are bad. It’s clear cut, but it works.
  • Pacing 4/5 – The beginning’s a bit slow, but the middle and the end flow pretty nicely.
  • Language/dialect 3/5 – The author uses a lot of “thee” and “thou” to be authentic, but that makes it a lot harder to listen to. You do gain an ear for it, but that takes some time.
  • Audio performance 4/5 – The narrator has a nice, deep voice. One can imagine it fitting a guy like Robert very well.
  • Although it’s part of a series, I imagine each book stands alone rather well.


Nice glimpse into struggles of the common folk during the revolutionary war.

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