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Spoilers Definitely Included:

Let’s face it, people, if you are seeing it this late like I am, you either know the whole story, don’t mind spoilers, or shouldn’t be reading this.


As the last stages of summer, troubles brewing everywhere. King Robert Baratheon (sorry about spelling, never read the book) just lost his Hand (kind of like a viceroy) and wants his old friend Ned (Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell) to take on the role. Elsewhere, the last vestiges of the noble house Targaryen live in exile and plot for a way to retake the seven kingdoms of Westros.

Additional Comments:

– It’s a heck of a lot more complicated than that.

– People have told me for years that I’d like the show and the books that formed the basis of the show. I finally had the time to sit down and catch up.

– Overall assessment 4/5: Complicated story. Definitely fantasy. Most definitely HBO.

– Story 5/5: Who doesn’t love a story rife with backstabbing (literally and figuratively)? The characters excel at conniving. Some of the best conversations are the ones where they’re threatening each other through compliments. The dangers aren’t solely from within. Winter is coming. And along with winter there’s the threat of White Walkers and Wildlings from beyond the Wall, literally a giant wall meant to keep out dangerous things.

– Characters 4/5: There are redeemable things about most of the characters, except Joffrey, pretty sure you’re just supposed to hate his whiny little guts. Sansa’s pretty annoying too. Perhaps in future seasons she’ll be more useful. I love Arya. She’s adorable and spunky and she makes friends with many people. They don’t stretch her character quite yet, but there’s definitely potential to expand her role in the future. Ned’s too honorable for his own good. Cersi’s a right creeper. So is her brother, Jaime. I kind of like Tyrion. He’s definitely got redeeming qualities even while being a typical scheming Lannister. Dany’s journey is sad.

– Worldbuilding 5/5: It’s a very large world. It’s really hard to keep all the people and places straight sometimes. Magic and such is actually kept to a bare minimum in this season. There are hints of things to come though. It’s a little hard to track the passage of time. Sometimes the world gets too big because they’re juggling like 4 story lines at once. When they return to one you’re like who the heck are you?

– Content Warnings: Excessive sex, gore, language, and violence. Typical HBO. You see way more of the characters than you want to. Innards come out, blood gushes, heads roll… in short, people die in pretty much every conceivable way here. Nearly every episode features a sex scene of some sort. It’s actually just tiresome.


If you can get past the HBO nonsense, there’s a worthwhile story with very interesting characters in Game of Thrones.

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