Typically, I like to start with a picture of the item, but this time, you’re gonna have to scroll down to see what I’m talking about because this site does not want me publishing new pictures this second. I’m sure wordpress will come to its senses eventually, but for now, pic’s at the bottom. Today, I’m going to talk about a neat set of kitchen scissors.


I’m probably going to take a much wider interpretation of “multipupose” than they intended as I will most likely use them to attack a variety of cardboard boxes. It’s actually perfect for that task. One of the complaints I read on Amazon was how slippery these can get. That won’t be an issue if I stick to dismantling cardboard boxes with these.

Why do you need kitchen shears?

Mostly, I don’t, because I don’t do that much cooking, but if you did a lot of cooking, then there are times when you want a tad more control than a knife can give you.

What’s cool about these?

Aesthetics: High marks for pretty packaging on the company’s part. The scissors also look very nice.

Functionality: There’s a nice little hook at the end to allow you to keep the scissors together. This is very important because otherwise they’ll always be in the open position, which could get dangerous.

The handles are a tad big for my hands when opened all the way. I have to be conscious of how wide I let them swing open. The handles are very smooth. They’re easy to clean, but you still have to be very careful with them. The blades are indeed pretty sharp.


4/5 Solid product. I like that there are multiple functions for these. They’re essentially very heavy duty scissors. I wouldn’t give them to a kid, so I’m not going to bring them to school. Still, I think they’ll get plenty of use around my house.


The manufacturer has offered readers a  20% off coupon code good for use on Code: XI44DRJ2; Expires: May 31, 2018.

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