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For those who care… I chose princess #3 if counting left to right. So friggin’ cute.


I honestly thought this one was the end of the royal saga. It’s a fun tale that rolls right off the events of the previous book. It ends on a semi-cliffhanger in that they opened it for a book 4, but I still feel there’s enough closure to make this one enjoyable.

Additional Comments:

  • Recap: The original Royal Romance series follows the MC, who you have a little control over in terms of hair style, face, and name. I went with Emma Easterwood. The MC is a waitress in New York who meets a prince on his bachelor party. That sets off an unlikely but fun series of events wherein this waitress ends up in a selection style competition to win the hand of said fair prince.
  • Tie-ins to other Choices tales: Concordia, the fictional kingdom set somewhere in Europe, has its history tied to some of the earliest Choices stories I read (though probably not their absolute first). I started with The Crown and the Flame. Set somewhere in between is The Royal Masquerade. The Crown and the Flame is a TV show in some of the more modern set Choices tales like The Freshman.
  • Back to Recap: So Royal Romance took 3 books, so I guess I expected this one to be the end of the series. The Royal Heir is a sequel series. It picks up after you marry somebody important in the Concordian government. As a traditionalist, I went and had Emma marry the prince, but you do have a few more options.
  • RH 1: has the MC and her love interest trying to have a kid and dealing with the press. RH 2: the kid has arrived and she’s adorable. The default name is Lilly. I liked it enough to settle on Lillian. The first major hurdle is to keep the kid from any disastrous engagements to bratty royals from a neighboring kingdom. RH 3: has a threat of a different sort. One of your own cabinet members makes a blatant bid for power and that involves taking your kid away.
  • The political intrigue here has enough plausibility to be believable.
  • I always get sucked into the silly upgrade the room superfluous buys. Avoid that if you can. But I will say, the few diamond scenes from the baby’s point of view were absolutely hilarious. Her names for the people involved are awesome: Stinky Bad Man, Flower Lady, Haha Man, etc. Also, just like Disney, these people have a thing for making babies and puppies so dang cute.


The main quest is to preserve your family, which is kinda cool. A new threat arises, so the danger isn’t past, but this book covers a span of a few years, so you had a few years of peaceful kingdom.

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