Narrated by Stephen Floyd

Run Time: 6 hrs and 47 mins


At first, I wasn’t sure why this is voiced by a man. He has a really nice voice, but the perspective in the first story is that of a young woman.

The second story’s protagonist is a man. His family gets killed, so he recruits some army and marine acquaintances to help him exact revenge.

The third story is the most ambitious by far. A crime family ends up kidnapping the wrong kid and inadvertently sets a very dangerous team on the loose.

Additional Comments:

  • I think the stories got better as they went on, but each had its own unique charm.
  • These are all about vigilante justice centered around the theme of human trafficking or child sexual abuse and exploitation. (First story.)
  • Not sure why the first story had 2 endings. It’s unique, but I’m not sure this style of book was meant to have a choose your own adventure flare to it.
  • Narration was solid.
  • Every story had a lot of violence.
  • Despite being fiction, the problem of modern day slavery and human trafficking is a real deal thing society doesn’t always handle well. These stories about somebody getting ultimate justice are satisfying.


Given the crimes committed by the bad guys, they probably deserved what they got, but still, if vigilante philosophy isn’t your thing, you may not enjoy these.

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