This book was a bit of a change of pace. It’s really more of a family drama than anything else. Most of the time, I recommend reading a book’s blurb first, but in this case, just don’t if you hate spoilers.


Peter’s got an incredible gift for playing the piano.

Additional Comments:

– Don’t read the blurb. Ah, too late, you’ve probably already done so. It pretty much gives away the whole story.

– Note: I’m not a huge fan of flashbacks, but they’re pretty much 85% of the story here. And it works.

– Quite a few things about the way Peter’s elementary school was portrayed irked me. I see why the author wanted them to have some silly, nonsensical policies but they just wouldn’t happen in a school. I’m a teacher. I know some weird policies come down, but having only one meal choice a day and forcing all students to abide by that isn’t going to fly. I can see only offering one choice, but there’s no way you could ban kids from bringing a bagged lunch if they want. There are too many allergies and such to force one thing.

– Also, Peter as a 5-year-old ticked me off. His parents were supposed to come across as supportive, but they annoyed me too.

– I loved the mystery woman and the priest and the nun.

– The end has some nice twists that will either annoy the heck out of you or make everything click into place for you. I’m in the latter category, but I definitely sympathize with the former category.


A family drama type story with a nice end twist.

(I enjoyed the end.)

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