Biscuit and Nugget demonstrate social distancing.


It’s a well-known fact that tragedy has a way of bringing about the best and worst in people. I’m not here to discuss that. A second well-known fact is that people are more open to the idea of things being out of their control when they have hard proof that things are indeed outside their control.

How should we react/behaving in times of crisis?

Depend on God. Pray. Think about it. You have access to the one being in the entire universe who can actually change things instantly, and you let the chance slip by repeatedly because you felt embarrassed (insert other emotion: anger, resentment, shyness). That sounds crazy.

A Little Background:

I’ve probably prayed more in the last week than the rest of 2020 combined. Why? Well, I can’t breathe. I mean, I can. It’s just harder sometimes. Don’t know if I have covid-19 or some other disease that saps the strength and wallops you with random bouts of chest pain and shallow breathing. (I’m fine. Really. I think I’m on the tail end of it. Mostly, my energy levels are keeping on. Only occasionally am I experiencing the lethargic don’t-feel-like moving thing.) And it doesn’t really matter. I’m staying away from people anyway.

I mean the fragility of life becomes very apparent when every breath is an uncertain one. God can and will bring healing to many regardless of our actions, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still seek His help.

The News is Getting Tedious

Depending on the source, it’s conspiracy this, tragedy that, we’re still short supplies, they’re lying, they’re covering something up, death toll reaches uncharted heights, random heartwarming tale, these idiots are still congregating, these sick people ignored the social distancing thing, etc.

Buckle in, people, we are probably in for another month or two of such headlines. If it’s stressing you, stop watching the news. And stay off social media, too. Go find a nice audiobook to listen to or watch a movie with the family. Enjoy the slower pace of life.

But what if I’m worried about my job, the economy, sick family members?

Talk about it with others. Don’t let it devolve into complaining about who’s messing up or any political nonsense. Explore your feelings. What are you really scared of?




All of the above?

Something else entirely?

Find something still going right in your life. List out things you’re grateful for. List out things you can’t wait to get back to doing. Life’s on pause right now for many. It’s not over.


It’s not strictly a numbers game. There could be a death toll of 1 and some family would feel that loss. Don’t focus on the what is wrong unless you have an answer to fix it. Focus on the little things. How can you help one person or one family?

You may not think prayer is a powerful thing, but try it. A little kindness goes a long way.

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