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The selection of free books changes from time to time. These are the current offerings as of Jan 2019.

The selection of free books changes from time to time. These are the current offerings as of Jan 2019.

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Nonfiction Series.

Nonfiction Series.

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Free Books!

The Collins Case is free as an ebook. Time is running out for the Collins family. Click here to download.

Spirit's Bane is free as an ebook. Satan's not happy about two young guardian angels in training. Click here to download.

99 Cent Club Current Offerings

(subject to change...)

Reshner's Royal Ranger. A prince tries to prove himself. A Ranger tries to protect him.

Money Makes it Deadlier. FBI Agent Megan Luchek takes on a pack of bank robbers.

Innova. Religion is outlawed.

Redeemer Chronicles 1: Awakening Illustrated Version. Vic learns what it means to be Chosen. (Illustrations provided by Tim Sparvero.)

River's Edge Ransom. Daniel Saveron takes a contract to kill Marina Castaloni, but the situation's not what it seems.

Just Like You. Inspirational Christian Poetry.

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