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Devya’s Children - Book 1: Ashlynn’s Dreams

Twelve-year-old Jillian Blairington is just an ordinary girl — bright, brave, and sometimes a bit too headstrong for her own good. She never thought she was particularly special or different than anybody else.

She was wrong.

Everything changes the day she and her babysitter, Danielle, are kidnapped and taken to a secret scientific facility. There Jillian learns she has a new name, Ashlynn, and a strange connection to the other children at the lab. They each have powerful abilities, Gifts that Jillian doesn’t quite understand. As if that wasn’t enough to absorb, Jillian discovers she has a Gift of her own — the power to enter other people’s dreams.

Jillian’s task seems simple enough: the scientists want her to use her ability to find another Gifted child who has disappeared. But the longer Jillian stays in the facility, the more she realizes that nothing is as it seems ... and everybody has secrets. Besides, the boy's life is not the only one at stake. The scientists will stop at nothing to force Jillian's cooperation, even if that means threatening Danielle.

Jillian knows they have to get free. But after all they’ve seen, will they ever truly escape?

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Devya’s Children - Book 2: Nadia’s Tears


How far would you go to save someone you love?

Having escaped from the scientific facility where her creators trained her to shape dreams, Jillian Blairington thought she was done with them for good. All that changes when her sister, Nadia, suddenly goes silent. Jillian soon discovers that Nadia’s in a coma and she—as a Dream Shaper—may be the only one capable of waking her.

Jillian turns to her friend, Danielle Matheson, and together they hatch a crazy plan to get Jillian to Nadia: a second kidnapping. Once by Nadia’s side, Jillian must deal with several versions of her sister, including the emotionally wounded Nadie, the fierce Naidine, and the regal Queen Elena.

As she anxiously awaits news from Jillian, Danielle tries to keep a friend from getting into trouble with the wrong crowd. She doesn’t realize how quickly things are hurtling from fairly serious to life-threatening. If Jillian can’t solve the mystery of Nadia’s coma quickly, she may lose both her sister and her friend.

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Devya’s Children - Book 3: Malia’s Miracles

How much is one life worth?

Danielle Matheson faces a difficult decision: helplessly watch Christy's mother die of cancer or ask Jillian and her genetically Gifted siblings to risk their freedom to save her.

Once committed to the cause, Jillian, Malia, and Michio turn their full attention to fighting the cancer, but more danger awaits them. Defeating the disease and dodging government agents soon become the least of their worries when measured against the race against time to rescue one girl from certain death.

Jillian knows they have to get free. But after all they’ve seen, will they ever truly escape?

Devya's Children - Book 4: Varick's Quest

Genetically altering humans is illegal …

But Varick and his siblings—Devya’s Children—exist.

He’s been born and bred to be the perfect soldier, but he can’t be everywhere. If one counts each of his siblings plus Danielle Matheson, the list of people Varick wants to protect stretches from coast to coast. The more he gets to know Danielle, the more she comes to mean to him.

Meanwhile, somebody has captured Nadia and wants to sell her to the highest bidder. Varick’s lifelong quest has been to free her from their father, Dr. Dean Devya. But nobody knows where to find Nadia, except Dr. Carnasis, and she’s a captive as well.

Meanwhile, Danielle and Jillian have also disappeared.

Varick might be able to pull off one rescue, but can he save them all?

The Dark Side of Science

In this prequel to Devya's Children, two groups of hotshot scientists compete in a winner takes all, losers might die competition for the biggest secret government contract out there. Only they're not playing with pieces, they're playing with people: genetically altered children.

Ashlynn’s Dreams Shorts: Helping Mr. Blairington and Other Misadventures

Growing up is hard, especially when one’s parents get divorced.

Jillian doesn’t seek trouble, but it has a habit of finding her. She’s bold, brave, and not afraid to stand up for her friends, even if that means tackling bullies.

Jillian never knows what each day holds for her. One day has her exploring a creepy old house and the next has her trying to find a home for some sweet little puppies. The important part is the many lessons she learns along the way.

Short Story Contents:

  • Helping Mr. Blairington
  • It Wasn’t the Old Daddy’s Day
  • I Caught the Clothes-Stealing Wretch
  • JJ and Jimmy Take on Crazy Nick
  • Chester M. Norrington and the Devil Boy
  • Beachside Invitation
  • Frightening the Flight Ladies
  • Dumpster Diving
  • Exploring Mr. Kremel’s Creepy Old Place

Devya's Children Audiobooks

The Dark Side of Science was narrated by Brian Troxell

Ashlynn's Dreams Shorts, Ashlynn's Dreams, and Nadia's Tears were narrated by Kristin Condon.

Malia's Miracles features Julie Hinton.

Varick's Quest is in production. It will once again be brought to you by Julie Hinton.