Layer 1: Surface, the Careers - The first things people learn about me are that I teach high school chemistry and I write books in a wide range of genres, including Young Adult science fiction, Children’s, middle grade fantasy, poetry, Christian mystery, mystery/suspense/thriller, and traditional science fiction.

Layer 2: Just Beneath the Surface, the Likes - Those who chat with me probably next learn that I’m a huge LEGO and Star Wars fan. So, of course, I have a nice collection of Star Wars Legos. Other things I advertise regularly are my enjoyment of tea, coffee, and caffeine free root beer. I’m a Yankees and Giants fan, mostly because that’s how I was raised. I’m also a candy addict with expensive teeth.

Layer 3: Deeper, the Real Me - I am a Christian, a daughter, and a fairly deep thinker. I tend not to share my opinions with people unless asked about them. That said, I enjoy helping people whether by praying for them or just having coffee and a good conversation. Through my writing, I hope to entertain people as well as teach them deeper meanings about love, life, and family.

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