money makes it deadlier cover

The Lei Crime Series - Shadow Council 1: Money Makes it Deadlier

Money can buy many things, but can it purchase a permanent solution to divorce?

Martin Cantrell would like to know the answer to that question. He has money, respect, and power, but he also has a monthly alimony payment that’s making him miserable. When a friend offers to deal with the “ex” problem for a fee, he can hardly say no. Time is of the essence. The life insurance policy on his ex-wife expires in less than two months.

Unaware of the plans set in motion, Special Agent Marcella Scott goes about her business as usual, only now, she finally has an excuse to dress up on the job. She’s been asked to go undercover to check out some banks. One of the branches just happens to be managed by Martin Cantrell’s ex-wife.

What’s an agent to do when a perfectly peaceful morning turns into a hostage-taking standoff?

Find out in Money Makes it Deadlier. This story takes place several months before the events of Black Jasmine, book 3 of the Lei Crime Series.

 revenge makes it sweeter cover

The Lei Crime Series - Shadow Council 2: Revenge Makes it Sweeter

Revenge is a lot of work.

When the original plan for his ex-wife goes awry, Martin Cantrell turns his mind toward a sweeter revenge: stealing their daughter’s affections. But he’s not the only one plotting, and his enemies are better at keeping to the shadows. Meanwhile, Special Agent Marcella Scott gets a late night summons to the hospital to speak with a gunshot victim. She knows to expect almost anything, yet he still surprises her.

“Agent, if I die, save the girl.”

The girl turns out to be Katelyn Cantrell. Marcella’s not the only one protecting her, and the other person has no problem killing to obtain their goals.

Can Marcella prevent an assassination and catch a killer?

Find out in Revenge Makes it Sweeter. This story comes several months before Black Jasmine of Toby Neal's original Lei Crime Series.

 christmas makes it chaos cover

The Lei Crime Series - Shadow Council 3: Christmas Makes it Chaos

Christmas is a time for peace, love, and family. Right?

Wrong. Some people prefer chaos.

FBI Special Agent Marcella Scott travels to Philadelphia with her partner, Matthew Rogers, for a law enforcement conference on battling terrorism. She never makes it. Instead, she ends up investigating an actual threat with an unlikely ally.

Cassandra Mirren prefers working alone, but she’s been ordered to bring Agent Scott along for the ride. Their last encounter was adversarial, but this time they have a common foe.

Can the agent and the assassin save countless lives this Christmas?

The Lei Crime Series - Shadow Council 4: Treachery Makes it Tense

SC 4 TMIT.jpg

When a vanquished foe resurfaces with vengeance on his mind …

Special Agent Marcella Scott expects the danger to fall to her. She does not expect her FBI partner’s entire family to disappear.

Cassandra Mirren witnesses her boss’s murder and gets drawn into a deadly game. Now, she has a choice—either work with Agent Scott or betray her.

Both women are about to find out that treachery makes it tense.

(This story is set before Black Jasmine, Book 3 of the Lei Crime Series.)

Praise for Money Makes it Deadlier:

“There's also a lot packed into this novella and I would highly recommend you check out this story, as well as others in the Lei Crime World series. If I hadn't, I might never have come across this author, and that would have been the true crime.”~DTChantel

“The characters are strong and well defined and the setting is perfectly described. The action is very believable and kept me reading and wanting more. I'm looking forward to the next installment.” ~Sue T

Praise for Revenge Makes it Sweeter:

“The action is quick and descriptive while the communication is natural and flows easily. The Lei Crime series is written by Toby Neal but each of these Kindle World novellas is a spinoff on a secondary character. While I always enjoy Neal's stories I find myself caught up in the whole experience with these quick novellas.” ~Anima

“This is a fast-paced and exciting mystery romp that will keep you engaged and involved all the way from start to finish! The action is non-stop and once again we get to see Marcella Scott in a whole new light.” ~Marie M.

Praise for Christmas Makes it Chaos:

“As soon as I read that Marcella agreed to a meeting with The Assassin, I started worrying about the outcome. It was one exciting and dangerous scene after another. Ms. Gilbert has a true gift for writing believable, suspenseful novels.” ~Amazon customer

“For those who like their action hot, their plots ingenious, and their villains wicked, this book should be on your reading list.” ~David Schoonover