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Devya's Children Series

Book 1: Ashlynn's Dreams

Jillian discovers that she’s genetically altered to shape dreams. She meets several siblings who have different Gifts. Nadia’s mental capabilities far exceed those of “normal” people. Varick is being trained as the perfect soldier. Malia can change people’s emotions at will. These are tales of friendship and familial love where the lines between good and evil sometimes get blurry.

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Book 2: Nadia's Tears

Jillian thought she was done with Devya for good, but her sister, Nadia falls into a coma and only Jillian can awaken her. Meanwhile, Danielle finds trouble trying to protect a friend from human traffickers.

Book 3: Malia's Miracles

Jillian and her siblings take on the problem of cancer. But how much is one life worth?

Book 4: Varick's Quest

Jillian's been kidnapped ... again, but so has Nadia. Varick's only one man. Who will he save?

The Dark Side of Science (Prequel)

Two groups of hotshot scientists compete in a winner-takes-all, losers-might-die competition for the biggest secret government contract out there. Only they're not playing with pieces, they're playing with genetically altered children.

Ashlynn’s Dreams Shorts: Helping Mr. Blairington and Other Misadventures

Jillian doesn’t seek trouble, but it has a habit of finding her.

Available in Portuguese

Check out the audiobook versions. Here’s a link to my Audible page. All three narrators put in fantastic performances.

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Anotech Chronicles (Reshner Series)

Book 1: Reshner's Royal Ranger

Prince Terosh wants to prove himself. Reia wants to protect him. Multiple parties will have to remove the prince if they want the throne.

Book 2: Reshner's Royal Threat

Mavis Altran was disowned for defying her father. Now, her one chance at regaining Reshner's throne involves taking out her newphew and his new wife.

Book 3: Reshner's Royal Guard

A usurper rules the planet. But the prince and princess still live. That means there's still hope for Reshner.


Churches are banned. Religion is outlawed. Freedom is dead.

Found guilty of “spreading dissent,” Jenna and David Hall are sentenced to re-education at the Innova Center.

Their home is forfeit. Their marriage is dissolved.

Once a famous actress, Jenna is afforded immunity from the most aggressive forms of therapy because they want something from her, but David is not so lucky.

He’s a hostage. Cooperation will keep him alive, but at what cost?

What do Readers Think?

Praise for Ashlynn’s Dreams:

“This was a very unusually written story and I got the audio version of it. If any of you are planning on a long road trip and dread the usual "are we there yet?" questions this would be a great way to solve the problem.” ~Amazon customer

“This is a carefully crafted work that begs us to explore the reality of science and the paranormal that science needs to acknowledge may hold answers to man's future.” ~Tony B.

Praise for Nadia’s Tears:

“I simply loved this book!” ~Jeffrey Miller

“There is so much to these books. The exploration of good and evil, progress versus morality. It is all wrapped up in a package of lovable characters that I want to keep reading about. Each time I come to an epilogue I want to cry!” ~Alexis C. Bragia

Praise for Malia’s Miracles:

“I do hope to read more from Devya's Children in the future. For now, I recommend this series to those that enjoy young adult fantasy/sci-fi/adventure!” ~Kayla Harrison

“This is by far the most exciting novel of the series to date. I think the author’s prose is getting better along with a stronger understanding of the serial’s direction.” ~Rick O.