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5 Steps Chem and Teaching are only $0.99

5 Steps to Better Blurbs

Want to learn to write better blurbs? A primer for writers to improve their book descriptions. The book includes some handy exercises to get you started.

5 Steps to Surviving Chemistry

Chemistry is fun but hard. I've tried to explain things in non-textbook-y terms.

5 Steps to Surviving Teaching

Thinking about teaching? Struggling through your first year of teaching? This is the book for you. It's a very rewarding profession, but the first year does indeed stink no matter where you're working.

If you're here for the exercises since you already bought the book. I've posted them to my new Google site.

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Thin Black Road and Just Like You

These are collections of very, very short Christian poems with a few story ones thrown in as well.

If you live in the US and would like a FREE paperback copy of one or both, please email me (devyaschildren @ gmail.com). Sorry, international shipping is ridiculous.

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2 Free Fellowship of Fantasy Anthologies

If you're into fantasy and want to check out some new authors, try these. They're both permafree.

Download directly from amazon: (click title to be redirected to amazon.)

Fantastic Creatures

My story is The Golden City Captives. Also try the fantastic audiobook narrated by Reuben Corbett.

Hall of Heroes

My story is River's Edge Ransom.