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Devya’s Children … science fiction

Devya’s Children … science fiction

Science Fiction

Devya's Children Book 1: Ashlynn's Dreams

Narrated by Kristin Condon

Length: 8 hrs and 46 minutes

Comments: This is the first audiobook I ever commissioned. Kristin's voice in the audition fit Jillian perfectly, so I jumped at the chance to sign her up.

Get yours here today. You guessed it $7.49 for whispersync.

Find out more about Kristin at her website.

Devya's Children Book 2: Nadia's Tears

Narrated by Kristin Condon

Length: 10 hrs 10 minutes

Comments: Apparently, I have a thing about making sequels longer than book 1. We had an issue with this one, like a missing first chapter or a duplicate chapter. Took forever to sort, but should be good to go now. Nadia definitely comes more into her own as a character.

Check it out here. Interestingly, I don't think this one does whispersync because it said it was based on the paperback. I should ask ACX about that. I do believe I still own a few free codes for this one.

Devya's Children Book 3: Malia's Miracles

Narrated by Julie Hinton

Length: 8 hrs 3 min

Comments: As you might have noticed, I switched narrators with this one. I loved working with Kristin, but by this time, she'd moved on to a different point in her career and couldn't work on these anymore. Julie Hinton stepped up big time though. I hope you like it.

You can find this one at audible (here).

Learn more about Julie Hinton at her website or check out all the audible books she's worked on.

Devya's Children Book 4: Varick's Quest

Narrated by Julie Hinton

Length: 7 hrs 59 minutes

Comments: I still have a 5th book to write, but this is probably the most action-packed of the tales to date. I enjoyed hearing this brought to life. You can find it here.

The Dark Side of Science (Devya's Children Prequel)

Narrated by Brian Troxell

Length: 5 hrs 33 minutes

Comments: Brian is perhaps the most distinguished and experienced narrators I've been privileged to work with. He was originally contracted to do Malia's Miracles, but when he heard it was first person from teenage girls, he said that might be weird. I agreed. We had him switch projects with Julie Hinton who was supposed to do this one. I think it worked out fine.

You can find The Dark Side of Science here.

If you're curious about Brian, you can find his IMDB page here. As of this writing, he's worked on 139 audiobooks. You can find those here.

Heartfelt Cases series - The Keres Case has not made it to Audio yet.

Heartfelt Cases series - The Keres Case has not made it to Audio yet.

Christian Mystery

Heartfelt Cases Book 1: The Collins Case

Narrated by Kristin Condon

Length: 4 hrs 35 minutes

Comments: One of the first audios I had made. We went with some sound effects, but by and large, the feedback was negative to the inclusion of effects, so later books lack that feature. By far, this one is my best seller.

Grab yours here today. Honestly, not sure the whispersync price since I actually own this one. I want to say it was fairly cheap, like $3.49 when I got it. The ebook is permafree, so that helps with getting it whispersync.

Heartfelt Cases Book 2: The Kiverson Case

Narrated by Kristin Condon

Length: 3 hrs 27 min

Comments: This is the last book I did with Kristin. She

Not available on whispersync yet. Check with me for free codes. Always free if it's your first audible book. You can find it here.

Heartfelt Cases Book 3: The Davidson Case

Narrated by Elizabeth Perry

Length: 3 hrs 30 minutes

Comments: Ann's sister gets into trouble this time. Elizabeth was a great sport about picking up where Kristin left off. You can hear samples and grabs your copy here.

The Quinn Case (Heartfelt Cases Prequel)

Narrated by L.W. Salinas

Length: 1 hr 4 minutes

Comments: This is the only book I've commissioned through Findaway Voices instead of ACX. The process was easier in some ways and harder in others. I'm kind of a control freak, so ACX is the better option for me.

I didn't get to work very closely with her because Findaway acts as the middleman. Wish I could have worked closer with her.

You can pick it up here. Price is high for such a tiny thing, but I still have a few free codes. Email to ask about it.

Find more about the narrator: L.W. Salinas. She's worked on over a dozen audiobooks. Find them here.

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Redeemer Chronicles Book 1: Awakening

Narrated by Caitlin Jacques

Length: 4 hrs 24 min

Comments: I love this one. Caitlin did an amazing job with the different sections and sound effects. I'm pretty sure she is an audio engineer, so that makes sense.

If you own the kindle, the price goes to $7.49. Get your copy today by clicking here.

She doesn't have much of an online presence. I found a linkedin profile, but that's about it.

Redeemer Chronicles Book 2: The Holy War

Narrated by Jacqueline DeGraff

Length: 5 hrs 46 minutes

Comments: After the production of Awakening, I contracted Caitlin to do this book as well, but after a month or so she fell out of contact. Literally, haven't heard from the woman in more than a year. It's a worrying mystery. I hope she's okay.

I did find a new narrator, and I'm pleased to say that she's done an awesome job with the second book. As before, those who own the kindle can get the audio for $7.49. Click here to snag this story.

Yay. A real website. Click here to learn more about Jacqueline.

The Golden City Captives

Narrated by Reuben Corbett

Length: 55 minutes

Comments: If you're not sure if you like audiobooks, this is a great one to start with since it's short and awesome. Reuben's voice is perfect for this. It's kid-friendly. $3.95 full price drops to $2.99 if you have the ebook. Can be found here.

Hear samples by Reuben here.

Spirit's Bane

Narrated by Reuben Corbett

Length: 6 hrs 48 minutes

Comments: Guardian angels on Earth. Whispersync price is $7.49. Can be found here.

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5 Steps to Better Blurbs

Narrated by Julie Hinton

Length: 2 hrs 11 minutes

Comments: Short, quick book about writing better book descriptions. It's a nice companion to the ebook or paperback.

Find it here.

5 Steps to Surviving Chemistry

Narrated by E. Roy Worley Length: 4 hrs 50 minutes Comments: This too is a nice companion to having the paperback, but I think the paperback is easier to work with because you can write on the pages. Also, we decided to have him read things like the charts because it was really made for those who are visually impaired, but that can get tedious for those of us who can just skim over a chart.

Paperback link. ~$9.87 currently.

Audiobook link.

Other audible books brought to you by Roy.

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Short Story

Ashlynn's Dreams Shorts: Helping Mr. Blairington and other Misadventures

Narrated by Kristin Condon

Length: 1 hr 26 min

Comments: These are the short stories that shaped who Jillian became. They're way before the Devya's Children series.

Whispersync $1.99. Find it here.

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Scratched Off

Narrated by Rick Struve

Length: 8 hrs 53 minutes

Comments: Serial Killer vs. FBI agent. This story is still considered clean but should definitely come with a violence warning for the subject matter.

Find it here.

If you want to see more books by Rick go here.

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