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Not quite sure what my writing's like?

Check out some short stories. (or a mystery novella)

The Collins Case - See how the Heartfelt Cases series begins. "Took me 3dys to read and wow! What a story. The facts, content all of it had me on the edge of my seat. I'd love to read more!" ~Danae M. McShane

The Golden City Captives - Find out what makes Keio and his friend, Clara so special they're captured and taken to the Golden City. Get the free short story, then buy the audiobook version. The narrator's awesome!

Ashlynn's Dreams Shorts - Meet Jillian before she finds out she's a Dream Shaper.

The Quinn Case - A Heartfelt Cases short story; this is a prequel to the Heartfelt Cases series. I recommend reading The Collins Case first.

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Know Somebody Who Could Use a Lift?

I'm starting a "Be My Ambassador" Program. Basically, you tell me of a school, family, (could be you!), hospital, nursing home, etc where people would read some of my books, and I will donate your choice(s) to the place.